An Interview with Theresa Moulton about Lead Change 2019

Change Management Review and ACMP New England co-sponsored the third annual Lead Change conference at the Burlington Marriott in Burlington MA on November 4th.  Bill Murphy, ACMP NE Board Member, was able to connect with Theresa Moulton, Editor-in-Chief of Change Management Review, to get her reflections on the conference.


Bill:  What were the key goals as you and the events team prepared for the Lead Change 2019 conference?
Theresa: We wanted to continue to build a community of practice in the New England area for change management professionals by providing an ongoing event where they could gather, share ideas and get to know each other.  We also wanted to create an opportunity for people to participate, by keeping the event affordable, and limiting it to one day.  

In addition to that, we wanted to offer a well-rounded set of change management topics that people may not be exposed to in their day-to-day jobs. We like offering several workshop options, following multiple tracks, so people have a good selection to choose from, and the smaller participant size can foster more interaction.

Bill: What are some of your lasting impressions of the November 4 Lead Change 2019 conference?
Theresa: Daryl Conner’s keynote presentation about Change Management as a calling was phenomenal.  It reminds me of why we do what we do – not only to run effective projects and utilize good change management methods, but to really work with people who are experiencing change in a way that is supportive and meaningful to them. 

The opening session and the closing session were also very impressive to me, because I felt that people were comfortable contributing and interacting in the large group. We had our largest group ever this year, and I felt a sense of collective appreciation by participants, presenters and sponsors that we had this time and place to come together.

Bill: What post-conference feedback from participants and presenters have you received?
Theresa: We’ve received fantastic feedback!  Participants were blown away by the quality of the speakers, and the speakers were appreciative of the degree of participation by their audiences.  Many participants liked having the choice to select sessions in one track with a common theme, or mix-and-match hour by hour.

Bill: What topic areas seem to have been of particular interest to attendees?
Theresa: Each session had a good-sized audience, but it seems that topics connected to the use of neuro-science, supporting digital (especially Cloud) transformation, and how to influence executives are of particular interest to many change practitioners at this time.

Bill: What are your thoughts regarding organizing future change management events?
Theresa: I think that as a community of change professionals, we need to embrace the events that are organized for us so we can get out of ourselves at work and get with our colleagues in a community.  I think we underestimate the amount of energy that we expend every day to facilitate change, and we really need the support of our colleagues to continue to grow and flourish.  

I’m looking forward to us gathering at next year’s Lead Change 2020 conference, where we can continue to share more important things to help us grow professionally, and to reconnect with the colleagues we met this year.

Authored by Bill Murphy, ACMP NE Board Member

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