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CCMP™ Certification



Last quarter, I shared the beginning story of my journey to becoming CCMP Certified. I started the process to determine my eligibility by completing ACMP’s online application and essay questions. I submitted my background and answered three out of five essay questions that demonstrated my change management experience. Within a few weeks, ACMP notified me that my training did not meet their standards. Honestly, I was surprised considering my work was a highly recognizable and reputable institution. ACMP allowed me to make my case to qualify my training and Change Leadership course. However, we mutually concluded that my online work was not suitable for the 21 hours required for instructor-led change management training. I was disappointed, but I respect their decision and commitment to legitimizing the CCMP certification. So, my journey continues into 2019 when I will pursue one of ACMP’s Qualified Education programs. More to come.

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Lead Change 2018 Highlights

For the second year in a row, ACMP New England partnered with Change Management Review on Lead Change 2018. Once again, the event was a huge success with a jam-packed agenda and an incredible lineup of speakers.

Barbara Trautlein, PHD
Key Notes Speaker - "Change Intelligence"

Woburn, Massachusetts
October 29, 2018

Barbara Trautlein, principal and founder of Change Catalysts, is the author of the best-selling book Change Intelligence: Use the Power of CQ to Lead Change that Sticks, and the originator of the CQ® System for Developing Change Intelligence®. Barbara kicked off the one-day conference held on October 29th with her Change Intelligence keynote address.

Participants learned that Change Intelligence (CQ) is the awareness of one’s own Change Leader Style and the ability to adapt that style to be optimally effective in leading change across a variety of situations and stakeholders. Powerful Change Leaders “start with the heart,” “engage the brain,” and “help the hands” to move individuals, teams and organizations forward in positive new directions. By building Change Intelligence, Change Leaders (from the C-suite to the front line) are able to overcome what looks like resistance but is really either confusion over the goal (no "head"), lack of connection to the goal (no "heart"), or lack of tactics and training (no "hands") to partner together towards the goal.  

In the hands-on keynote experience, participants were given the opportunity to take an assessment and determine their primary CQ Style. Groups with the same CQ Style gathered together to discuss the strengths and opportunities inherent with their style. They then reported out to the other groups to increase the collective awareness of all of the styles. Finally, Barbara ran an activity that allowed each CQ Style to understand how to increase their effectiveness in working with all styles to drive change in a more holistic way.  

The day continued with breakout sessions filled with compelling topics presented by industry-leading change experts, including Bill Murphy and Michael Robinson, Larry Chait, Theresa Moulton, Christie Lindor, Jana Flynn, Neil Bedwell, Linda Hoopes, Kelly Cannon, April Callis Birchmeier, Cydney Aiken, Taylor Holiday and Rebecca Ensley on topics ranging from Change Competency Models to Change Marketing, Resilience, Change Networks, Change Psychology, Agile Change, Stakeholder Assessment, and Managing Change in a Digital World.

It was a great event and we are already looking forward to Lead Change 2019!


During the summer, Bill and Michael collaborated on a presentation for Lead Change 2018. They provided an overview of Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) and how it can apply to Change Management. They shared five techniques:

  • Transparent Communications and Thinking

  • Neuroscience & Lean-Agile Experience

  • Building Trust

  • Mindfulness—Being Present

  • Fun – Gamification for Learning and Development

Bill and Michael had fun and received good feedback on their topic. If you are interested in learning more, please email them at [email protected].


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Past Events


SEPTEMBER 25, 2018

Slalom – Boston, MA

In September, ACMP New England members met at Slalom in Boston to learn about Change Agility. Geri Carroll of Slalom and James Kotarski of Applications at Rapid7, spoke about how integrating change management into an agile project team, they were able to use agile concepts to re-think how to deliver a stakeholder analysis, training, and communications.

Emily Koft and Sruthi Ramakrishnan from Slalom talked about how an insurance company came to understand what it took to develop a change agile culture from the ground up and leveraged the neuroscience of learning to engage leaders, build capability and drive accountability, relevance, and resonance in the organization.


OCTOBER 11, 2018

On October 11, 2018, the New England Chapter of ACMP held our annual Members Meeting. Hosted by ACMP NE Chapter President, Melanie Francis, Chief of Staff at Akamai Technologies, who welcomed the attendees and provided a chapter update.  Additionally, Peter Schwalm from National Grid spoke on Change Management in an Agile program.

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Change Fit 360 Boot Camp


Date: TBD
Location: Determined based on Feedback

ChangeFit 360 is reaching out to the ACMP chapters to inquire if our local ACMP members would have interest in attending a Boot Camp program tailored to provide the educational requirement or re certification requirement for CCMP certification. The course is an interactive, 3-day (24 QEP hours) instructor-led learning experience where participants raise their change management fitness through a practical and results oriented program. The discounted price for this course would be $1500. Learn more by visiting the ChangeFit Boot Camp website.

Call to Action: If you’d be interested in attending a future Boot Camp, please email [email protected].

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Happy Holidays!


From the ACMP New England Chapter Board to all of our members, we wish you a wonderful holiday season. We have several events planned for next year and are gearing up for the ACMP National Conference in April. We look forward to another year of growth for our chapter and the opportunity to meet all of you at one of many events in the new year.

Warmest wishes for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season and Wonderful New Year!

Your ACMP New England Board

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